About Us

Savannah Heating Products Ltd


Savannah Heating Products is a family owned and operated business with the philosophy: large enough to matter and small enough to care.

Based in Richmond, British Columbia, Savannah manufactures all of its products here in Canada, proudly supporting the North American economy. We take a great deal of pride in the products we produce which is why all of our designs are original and created in-house. Our quality is second to none and our commitment to excellence is apparent in all the details.

At Savannah, we believe in keeping our overhead to a minimum, thus passing on the savings to our customers by offering the best possible price.  Our production lines are seamless and efficient, allowing us to continue to refine our products right out of the gate.

We have the highest level of quality control since we install and service our own product right here in our own backyard. As a result, everything we design is specifically designed for ease of installation and quickness to service. This also means that any issue that may arise, our installers and service technicians have generally taken care of before the distributor or dealer even knew the issue existed.

Savannah prides itself on keeping on the cutting edge of new technology as evident in some of our most recent products. Our designs are modern and contemporary as we look to celebrate the future of fireplace designs, not repackaging the past.

Savannah Heating looks forward to heating your future.