If you are looking for some wow factor in a linear fireplace, you might want to have a look at the new Infinity series from Canadian made Savannah Heating Products. These folks build some very very nice fireplaces.

No more barrier screen, the double glass front and black glass interior generates an unbelievable dimension to the flame. 40” and 50” linears allow for framing and finishing in almost any material and reduce TV height for those looking to put a TV directly above the fireplace. I want one!


.....Our experience with Savannah Heating has been amazing.  In a professional manner our fireplace was installed in November 2013. After installing the fireplace the installer showed us how to regulate the fireplace with the remote control.

 With the new fireplace we immediately noticed a difference in the comfort level of our condo. Once the temperature and flame levels were set the fireplace maintained it to our liking. The variable speed fan circulated the air without being noisy.

 With our old fireplace we had a problem with condensation on our windows, this was eliminated with the new fireplace.  Since the new fireplaces heated our condo more efficiently we did not have it running constantly as in previous years.

 During the Summer months we turned off the pilot light. Relighting the fireplace is easy and safe with the remote control, no matches to worry about.

 We would highly recommend Savannah Heating, their products and their professional staff.

Danna & Bob - New Westminster ,

....The comments I have gotten from others have been really positive. I love the insert and would recommend it for similar applications.

Dave - North Burnaby,

...Fireplace is awesome. Heat output is fantastic and you can't beat thermostat mode.